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Remodeling Estimating Sample

Here are some examples of projects we’ve done with previous clients.

Remodel Commercial Estimate

30 Hudson Street
134 Noble Street

Remodel Residential Estimate

2753 Mickle Ave Bronx
Wister Residence

Remodeling Estimation Services

The need for remodeling or renovation occurs after a specific number of years has passed since the construction was made. When the structures wear off, like woodwork, paint, plumbing, wiring, or other materials, it does not matter how good the material is or how well you used it; repairing is always necessary. Remodeling allows refreshing the systems to work smoothly again like a new thing. It also gives a refreshing new outlook and aesthetics.

It is necessary to calculate the cost of remodeling or repairing whenever you decide to do so, as it is not an easy task. Remodeling estimation requires the calculation of the past estimates of the materials used before, along with the cost of labor in it. Furthermore, you also need to calculate the budget for the new materials and labor. For that purpose, CSIEsimation provides you with remodeling estimation services.

Our Contractors

Our team provides high-class renovation and remodeling services through their expertise. We also deal with a vast range of experienced estimators to meet your remodeling requirements to their fullest. The contractors we deal with for remodeling include:

  • Finishing contractors
  • Plumbing contractors
  • Architects and carpenters
  • Wall protection contractors
  • Waterproofing contractors
  • Fireproofing contractors
  • Flooring and tile contractors
  • Electrical and mechanical contractors

What do we provide?

Our deliverability includes:

  • We provide remodeling estimation takeoff upon request.
  • Our remodeling estimation services provide comprehensive past estimation and new material and labor cost estimation.
  • Effective and affordable estimation with accurate results.
  • A detailed and complete takeoff summary of all the costs of material, labor along with a comparison with past material estimation.
  • A complete budget estimate will be provided.
  • If you need consultancy or suggestions regarding bidding, we are always available for our customers.

Process of Remodeling Estimation

The process of our remodeling estimation service is simple. You have to submit your plan and determine the scope of your work required. This is the first step as a client that you have to follow. Reviewing your proposed idea, our professionals will analyze the cost-effectiveness and feasibility. They are experts in the software we use, such as PlanSwift and Blue Beam.

These estimates can be delivered in an excel spreadsheet format upon request. It will include a description of each material explaining the quantity that will be used.

We will take the past estimates into consideration. We will also look upon the estimates of similar projects to better compare and contrast our estimation results. This will help to reach an initial estimate which will provide an idea of our actual remodeling estimate.

After that, we will consider the material and labor cost and calculate the final estimate. We will put your desired outcome in our focus. We will provide estimates of the best materials available in the market for a long-lasting and sustainable remodeling or renovation process.

Our lead estimator will provide a full checkup for the final quality assurance review of the deliverables. This last step ensures quality control for accurate and smooth estimation.